RightSize Newton Endorses Rena Getz in Ward 5 City Council Primary

Contact:                                                                                                                 Release: September 4, 2019

Randy Block: 617-312-5573


RightSize Newton Endorses Rena Getz in Ward 5 City Council Primary

Newton, Mass., September 4 – RightSize Newton, a grass-roots organization of activist neighbors formed in response to excessively large development across the city of Newton, announced today its endorsement of city council candidate Rena Getz in the Ward 5 primary.

Rena Getz has been a community activist for over 8 years and a founding member of the Waban Area Council. Professionally, she is trained as a neuro-scientist. Getz is one of three candidates taking part in the Ward 5 primary scheduled for September 10, 2019. Ward 5 covers Waban and a portion of Newton Highlands and Newton Upper Falls, where developers have planned a 1.4 million square foot development with 800 residential units.

In July and August, RightSize Newton invited city councilors and candidates to participate in a survey concerning development in Newton. Based upon the answers received, the organization is proud to endorse Rena Getz for the Ward 5 ward councilor position. RightSize Newton believes Getz will be a thoughtful voice for moderate sized development and will be an advocate for slowing down the mega-projects proposed by commercial developers and favored by some elected officials in Newton.

Following the primary, RightSize Newton will announce endorsements of candidates running in contested races for the City Council in the General Election on Nov. 5.


About RightSize Newton

RightSize Newton is a non-profit civic organization advocating for thoughtful and reasonable development that meets the increasing needs for low-income housing and green infrastructure, while also reflecting the interests of Newton’s various existing neighborhoods.

More information can be found at rightsizenewton.org.

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