The development company, Mark Development, first presented a public proposal in April, 2018 to develop the land at Riverside Station and the adjacent Hotel Indigo. After many meetings and compromises between the Lower Falls Improvement Association/Riverside Committee and the developer, the development is expected to consist of a total of 1.025 million square feet: 582 rental units at 655,000 square feet; a 10-story office building at 254,000 square feet; retail space at 39,000 square feet; and a 150 room hotel at 77,000 square feet.  The scale was reduced from 1.5 million square feet in response to concerns raised by residents of the adjacent neighborhoods of Newton Lower Falls and Auburndale.

The City Council met on October 19, 2020 and voted 24-0 to approve the proposed Riverside plan.  The project is expected to take 10 years to build.

Information and documents related to Riverside can be found at the LFIA web site  and on the city’s web site.