Friends of RightSize Newton,

Thank you to all who have helped us get the petition drive started. The size of the Northland development is an affront not only to Upper Falls but to all of Newton. The only reason we can conduct this petition drive is because so many people are angry and frustrated by the decisions of the City Council.
There are many openings at our high priority locations. If you can cover a two-hour shift and have not yet signed up to do so, let us know by answering this email. We will get you an assignment.

Many of you have asked if you can print out petitions and have them signed by friends and family. The answer is YES you can. But you must follow some strict rules or the petitions are likely to be disallowed.

First, you may download and print out the “Petition – Northland” (download link) and use it to collect signatures. This is a two-page document and we would greatly prefer that you print it on two sides of the same page. This way someone who wants to read the entire petition can easily do so.

If you cannot print a two-sided document, you may print the two pages but you must staple them together.

You can just sign the petition yourself or you can ask other people to sign as well. We would especially encourage parents who are picking up children at school or who are attending school events to bring petitions and a clip board and ask people to sign. A petition is valid whether it has just one signature or if all 11 lines are signed.

Second, DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ON THE PETITION FORM. The layout and language are stipulated by Newton’s City Charter. If you change anything or write on the form, the whole sheet is likely to be invalidated. All you are trying to do is get people to sign and provide their address.
Third, only the signatures of registered Newton voters will count toward our goal of 3,000 signatures. So please ask people if they are a registered Newton voter.

Fourth, if someone’s signature is illegible, please ask them to print their name above or next to their signature. This will make it easier for the City Clerk’s office to validate the signature.

Fifth, you should turn in your petitions by bringing them to one of the nine locations listed below. There is a box outside the front door of each location. Put the petitions in an envelope. Write the date, your name, and the location where you collected the signatures on the outside of the envelope. You should turn in your petitions promptly; if possible by the next day.

For best practices on signature gathering, download this handy guide to best practices (download link).

Finally, if you wish, you may forward these instructions (download link) to anyone else who might be interested.


The city charter gives voters the opportunity to repeal by referendum most measures approved by the City Council (see Article X). This rarely used provision requires that 5% of registered voters — or about 3,000 people — sign a petition objecting to a City Council action and asking that it be put to a referendum. You have 20 days from City Council approval to get the required signatures.


On July 16, 2019, RSN sponsored a training regarding how to collect petition signatures.

You can view the training here:

We urge you to watch this 45 minute video so you can be ready to take this very serious step.

Please let us know what you think about the video and about the idea of forcing a referendum on mega-developments.


Want to help? Please download this form, fill it out, take a picture and email it  ( or mail it back to us!)

Email us at